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Top 10 Benefits of Online Shopping.

  • 1) Convenience - Easy to find a product, read reviews, know specifications before buying
  • 2) Better Pricing - Many vendors pitch in, So customers could get a product at reduced prices, Can apply promo coupons
  • 3) More Variety - Have more choices, more brands, competitive pricing
  • 4) You can send gifts more easily
  • 5) Reduced Expenses
  • 6) Price Comparisons - In a retail shop, you cannot do it, You have to go by what shop keeper says
  • 7) No Crowds - You can purchase sit at home in air conditioner room with a cup of coffee on your side
  • 8) No one will force you to buy whether you like or not unlike a shop keeper can give a coke and bend you, force you to make a speedy or unwanted decision
  • 9) restrict Buying an old product or used product
  • 10) Discrete purchases are easier
  • 1) Some have satisfaction seeing a product physically before buying
  • 2) Traditional people think it is easier to go back to shop and raise in case of faulty
  • 3) People who are not used to internet find it easier to go a shop and buy which gives them satisfaction
  • 4) You can get the product in hand immediately on purchase.
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